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Frequently Asked Questions on YEAH! - and the answers to them...

Frequently Asked Questions on YEAH! - and the answers to them...
What does YEAH! mean and what does it stand for?
YEAH! is short for Young EARopean Award& its Highlights and stands for an exchange between artists from across Europe on something that is vital for a modern society: a lively, spirited and open music culture.
Since when does YEAH! exist?
As Europe's very first competition for music mediation, the YEAH! Young EARopean Award has been looking for innovative ideas for future music life since 2011. The Stiftung Stahlwerk Georgsmarienhütte is the initiator and main sponsor of YEAH!. Since 2011, the competition has been held every two years and is now taking place for the third time in 2014/2015. The celebratory award ceremony will be held at the YEAH! festival in Osnabrück, Germany.
Who sponsors YEAH!?
YEAH! Young EARopean Award is a joint project of Stiftung Stahlwerk Georgsmarienhütte and netzwerk junge ohren e.V.. The Stiftung Stahlwerk Georgsmarienhütte sponsors projects that promote and support the education and social integration of young people. It is committed to lasting initiatives that regionally and nationally contribute to living together successfully. As initiator and main sponsor of YEAH! Young EARopean Award, the Stiftung Stahlwerk Georgsmarienhütte is especially dedicated to the notion of a shared Europe.
YEAH! Young EARopean Award also receives material and ideational support from a wide range of partners in Osnabrück, Lower Saxony and throughout Germany.
Why does the festival take place in Osnabrück?
The Friedensstadt ("city of peace") Osnabrück is the economic and cultural centre of Western Lower Saxony. The city became famous with the "Peace of Westphalia", a series of peace treaties that ended the Thirty Years' War. The YEAH! festival makes Osnabrück a place of international understanding and pan-European creative energy - in present and past, it is a place that stands for peaceful and enduring encounters between different cultures.
What kind of projects can I hand in for the YEAH! prize?
The YEAH! Young EARopean Award is given to productions and projects in two categories:
Category "Performance":
Professional and modern stage- and concert formats that use creative ways to invite the young and the young at heart to get in touch with music, opening up new approaches to concerts and music theatre.
Category "Process":
Participative mediation events and workshops for children and teens, or for all ages. The process of encountering and creating music is the core of this category - independent of presentation or performance.
We are looking for projects from all over Europe that will have taken place or have been performed between February 1st 2013 and June 30th 2014.
Who is the competition aimed at?
YEAH! is aimed at professional organizers, artists, cultural operators as well as cultural institutions of European music that address new audiences with their productions and projects. We are looking for projects from all over Europe that will have taken place or have been performed between February 1st 2013 and June 30th 2014.
From which countries can I apply?
We look forward to applications from professional organizers, artists, cultural operators and cultural institutions from all European countries.
How can I apply?
You can apply in three simple steps:
1.       Register for online application.
2.       Fill in the application form online and send it online.
3.       Send five DVD copies of a live recording of your project/ your production as well as digital photo material for press work (2-4 photos, 300 dpi resolution) naming copyright holder (photographer) to the competition office in Berlin. The photo material can also be sent online e.g. per wetransfer.
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us per phone or email.
Can I apply twice for the current competition?
Multiple applications are possible, however you cannot apply more than once with the same project.
What kind of material should I hand in apart from the online application?
In addition to the online application we need five DVD copies of a live recording of your production or project. These are to be sent per post and must arrive at the competition office of netzwerk junge ohren until June 30th 2014. Photo material for press work is also very welcome. You can send us two to four suitable photos (300 dpi resolution) either per post with the DVDs, or online, e.g. per wetransfer.
What should the DVD show?
The DVD of your concert/production should show a major part of the performance. In addition to what happens on stage, we recommend to also include actions and reactions of your audience in order to give the jury an authentic impression of your production/concert. If you have a professional TV-documentary or self-made documentary, you are of course welcome to send that in.
For the category "Process", please also send in a visual documentary of the work process.
The technical quality of the recording and camera work will not be judged! The footage should simply allow for a qualified evaluation through the jury.
Handing in a short trailer is not sufficient for either category!
How many DVDs should I send in?
Please send in five copies of your DVD to the competition office. Unfortunately, we cannot pay for mailing expenses.
What if I don't have any film footage?
You can still apply, even if you have no film footage. However, we would like to point out that an application with, for example, just a photo slide-show and no film documentation, might be disadvantaged compared to other competing productions and projects.
When should all material arrive at the competition office at the latest?
The five DVDs must arrive at the competition office of netzwerk junge ohren in Berlin until June 30th 2014. This deadline applies to the actual delivery, not the post mark.
What do I do if I am sending in a project from a non-EU country?
Any mail coming from a non-EU country has to be cleared through customs. Please take care to fill in the customs declaration completely and correctly. Please also note that customs clearance may cause a delay. The competition office cannot pay for customs.
To whom will the material be passed on?
Application forms and DVDs will be looked over and checked at the competition office. Then, according to category, they will be passed on to the jury members.
What happens to the DVDs and all application material once the competition is over?
After the jury sessions, all application documents will be sent back to the competition office of netzwerk junge ohren, where they will be filed. The DVDs will not be sent back to the applicants.
Is there anything else I can or should hand in?
No further material is necessary. We kindly ask you not to send in additional material. If you do this anyway, we cannot send it back to you.
How does the jury proceed?
The jury procedure for choosing the winners of the YEAH! Young EARopean Award has two phases:
·         Jury I looks through all productions and projects that are handed in and chooses the nominees for the YEAH! Award from all applications.
·         Jury II looks through the nominated productions and projects that were chosen by Jury I and decides on the winners.
Who are the jury members and who appoints them?
The jury deciding on the productions and projects is made up of experts on European cultural life. For each competition round, the competition office appoints new jury members. You can take a look at the jury members here.
By what kind of criteria will the jury judge my project?
The jury will look through and judge the productions and projects according to the following guidelines:
Category Performance:
-          Is the artistic and musical quality of the project convincing?
-          What's the idea behind the project and in how far does this idea support the project?
-          How do dramaturgy and communication interact with the audience?
-          In which way is the project ground-breaking?
Category Process:
-          What does the participative approach consist of? Is the goal of the project discernible?
-          How does the project move the mindset of its participants?
-          In which way and by which artistic means does the project motivate and inspire its participants to get creative? Does it encourage the individual ability to express oneself?
-          Is the project ground-breaking and innovative? In how far are the participants encouraged to transgress their own borders, and in which way are they conducted in the process?
How do I know whether my project is among the nominees or winners?
The nominees for the YEAH! Award 2015 will be announced in the beginning of 2015.
The winners will be announced at the official and public award ceremony at the YEAH! Festival in Osnabrück in June 2015.
What is the award winners' prize?
Apart from the total prize money of 40,000 euro that will be shared among the winners, every winner receives a certificate as well as a YEAH! trophy that was designed especially by the Osnabrücker artist Volker-Johannes Trieb.
How much is the prize money?
The YEAH! Young EARopean Award is endowed with a total of 40,000 euro. The prize money will be shared among the winners. The Jury II will decide on the exact distribution of the prize money.
Who will be invited to the festival?
Cross-border encounters through music  - that's the idea behind the YEAH! Young EARopean Award and its festival. The festival adds a wonderful podium to the competition, spotlighting young and up to date concert formats,and it has established itself as a lively platform for professional exchange in the education and outreach scene. The festival does not only consist of performances, but also of the YEAH! exchange meeting of the nominated projects as well as professional impulses through conferences and the European exchange of ideas.
All nominated projects will be invited to present themselves at the project exchange meeting. But also all other applicants and interested guests are more than welcome to take part in the festival, get inspired and come together to develop musical formats and topics and to think ahead.
Who can I call if I have questions with regard to content? Is it worthwhile to ask for advice with regard to content?
Definitely! We strongly advise you to get in touch with us. All of us at the competition office will be happy to help you with any kind of question regarding content. You can call us, skype us, or email us so that we can talk and find good solutions for you and your production or project.
My application is not working. Who can I call for technical support?
The competition office will be happy to help you with any technical question. No matter what the problem is, please don't hesitate to call us, skype us or email us. That way we can usually find a solution very quickly, or we can consult our IT expert.
We would like to make the application process as easy as possible for you. To this end we will be completing our FAQs regularly. Your questions are not listed yet? Then please don't hesitate to contact us per phone or email. We will be happy to help you anytime!

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YEAH! contact person: Stephanie Heilmann

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