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Winners 2011-2013

The winners of YEAH! 2015

Category "Performance"

>> Eersteklasconcerten

Musica - Impulse Centre for Music (Belgium)

"Simple, but magical and playful" – these are the words the jury used to characterise this year's winner. The project epitomises the very essence of creating and playing music. All communication takes place via music, sound and movement. The participating children are given the space and the support they need to develop their own creativity and imagination. This is an ideal example of contemporary music mediation that relies on the motivation and activity of a young audience as well as the musicians - without reducing the artistic quality. A wonderful blend of process and performance. Excellently done! 

Category "Process"

>> geo-sounds

Flügelschlag Werkbühne e.V. and  Mendelssoh Kammerorchester Leipzig (Germany)

The participants of this year's winner surely had an experience of a lifetime. The project's complex approach successfully combines international cooperation and the tackling of a geo-political topic with experimental music and composition. The professional musicians treat the teenage participants with such respect and sincerity that it is worthy of particular mention. This project palpably unleashes new creativity and allows all participants to benefit from one another immensely. It successfully stays focused on the musical experiment despite its multilayered range of topics. Besides its several live performances, the project also takes place in the world wide web and thus becomes truly global. 

The winners of YEAH! 2013

See here the projects which convinced the jury together with their comments:
Category Performance
Quatuor Beat, Philharmonie Luxembourg, Kölner Philharmonie, Lucerne Festival and Grazer Spielstätten

“A well thought-out concept at the highest artistic level where the young audience will face the music in the most unexpected and pleasurable way. The focus is on the music itself and this is put across to the audiences in a most entertaining but also educational fashion.”
Come In!
Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra

“A generous concept that gives access to the musical experience for a very young audience and also affects the performing musicians in the most positive way. A brillant “door opener” for young concert goers and a model concept for best practice in many ways.”
Concerts for Babies

“Takes the youngest audience´s artistic experience the most seriously and highlights their capacity of perception. A very innovative and suitable way of engaging future public from the earliest stage possible.”
Listen to the Silence – A journey with John Cage
Zonzo Compagnie

“An artistically high quality production that invites the young audience to the universe of John Cage. The performance is creative and sophisticated and an excellent music experience.”
Kategorie Process
Feel the music
Mahler Chamber Orchestra
Belgium, Italy, Germany

“A very important project that shows everyone‘s right to receive the joy of music on their own terms. It shows a really good understanding of unlocking the musical potential of deaf and hearing-impaired children. The children’s engagement with all the musical activities is excellent.”
Klavier-Festival Ruhr [Ruhr Piano Festival]

“An exclusive concept that opens the participants‘ ears, eyes and bodies for music. The project successfully attends to New Music and its artistic value. It deepens the young artists´ general musical understanding and enjoyment.”

Watch the trailers on the YEAH! You Tube Channel in the YEAH! Nominees Playlist: Click here!


The winners of YEAH! 2011
On 19 November 2011 the first YEAH! has announced 5 winners in a festive ceremony at the Osnabrück Castle. See here the five projects which convinced the jury together with their comments:
Category Performance
Rocky Roccoco
Sonus Brass Ensemble, Austria

A staged concert for brass quintet, in which two musical worlds Renaissance, Baroque and Jazz collide. Embodied by two musical groups, musical as well as human conflicts are non-verbally disputed and, through the uniting element of music, resolved.
"Notable is the high artist level of the musicians, who at the same time operate as actors. Full of delight and humour, this production is a concert experience for all age groups."

Watch the trailer on the YEAH! YouTube Channel in the YEAH! Winners playlist: Click here!
Ensemble Triatu + 1 & Jeugd en Muziek, Belgium

A compact concert for schools, with contemporary music for percussion ensemble (eg. by Steve Reich, John Cage, Mauricio Kagel) triggered by suprising musical attacks by the musicians of the ensemble on school classes.
"As a result of these attacks in the classroom, the public can be perfectly involved. The surprise and the creativity of the events, quickly inspires the pupils and prepares them for the concert."  

Watch the trailer on the YEAH! YouTube Channel in the YEAH! Winners playlist: Click here!
Kategorie Process
Small composers
FIGURA Ensemble, Dänemark

A composition workshop for children which combines professional musical work and education. Children with no previous musical knowledge develop their own musical forms, which are then realised by professionals.
"Children are really encouraged to be creative. Their imaginative ideas are always taken seriously; musicians and children meet eye to eye. Here music education, in the real sense of the word, takes place."
Klangwerktage Hamburg, Germany

Intensive reference to the architect Daniel Libeskind´s work as well as the resulting compositions VOID I and II by the composer Nikolaus Brass. Pupils deal with music, history and architecture and develop their own (musical) forms of expression.
"In its complexity, a fascinating and innovative project. Bravely and imaginatively, together with the pupils, an attempt is made to give the ineffable expression."
Von Sternen, Nebeln und Galaxien
regionale X, Steiermark, Arcana Festival St.Gallen/Gesäuse, Austria

Workers and apprentices from a car company explore the sounds and forms of expression of New Music. Materials as well as parameters of the working process such as rhythm, tempo, time, stasis and movement are transferred to musical parameters and integrated into a new work that is performed in a concert.
"A successful example of collaboration with a target audience, which one would not normally reach."
Special prize of the UNESCO
Haretim - Trip to Anatolia, Germany/Turkey

The German UNESCO committee awarded Marc Sinan and the Dresdner Sinfoniker with its director Markus Rindt with a special price for their project "Hasretim - Trip to Anatolia". In videos, the guitarist Marc Sinan documents the traditional folk music of Anatolia and combines this with a live performance of his music to create a concert installation.

Watch the trailer on the YEAH! YouTube Channel in the YEAH! Winners playlist: Click here!
YEAH! is a project of the Stiftung Stahlwerk Georgsmarienhütte and the netzwerk junge ohren e.V. (network young ears).
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